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Family Law

We understand that any divorce litigations can be a dreadful experience; however, our lawyers are experiences in mnay aspects of the divorce proceedings. Either you are planning a divorce or in the midst of divorce proceedings, it is critically important for you to understand all of your rights. Experienced lawyers would allow you navigate through these complicated procedures with ease. With cost saving in mind, we provide effective services on the following areas:


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Immigration Law

The law in immigration are constantly evolving as the political climate changes. Our firm has successfully provided to our corporate or individual clients effective advices on many aspect of the immigration visas and applications. For our corporate clients, we work closely with your Human Resource Manager in bringing quality and effective service including but not limited to the following:



For our individual clients, we provide unparellel servies on the followings:

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Bankruptcy Law

There is light at end of tunnel if you are heavily in debt. Bankruptcy may allow you to wipe out all of your unsecured debts legally while you may maintain some or all of current assets. Whether you are eligable under the different "Chapters" of the bankruptcy laws protection (ie. Chapter 7 or 13), our firm can provide you with proper advices before you decide to go down this road. read more

Estate Planning

Having a WILL or LIVING TRUSTS is only part of the estate planning that people should look into. As we all plan ahead for the things we do in life, it is equally important that you should have a comprehensive estate plans to ensure that your assets are protected even after you died. There are many pros and cons in many typs of estate plannings, whether you only need a simple WILL or a comprehensive estate plan for your estate, you should consult with our lawyers to learn more about many estate plans that would allow you to avoid probate and any unnecessary taxes.

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